APIS Story


Asia Pacific International School educates students in a loving and caring Christian environment to become globally enlightened citizens, who can bridge between East and West and embrace exciting challenges of the New Pacific Century.

the Founding Director
Eddie Kim
Dr. Eddie Kim

As a purpose-driven school, our story begins with the Asia Pacific International School (APIS) mission statement for it describes APIS’ founding motivation.

A new kind of international education
APIS stemmed from the growing and urgent need for a new kind of international education. The New York Times best-selling author, Daniel Pink, argues that the information age is already the past, and now we are entering a new era, which he calls, the “Conceptual Age." According to Pink, the rise of Asia, advances in technology, and the unprecedented expansion of the global economy have contributed to this fundamental shift and changed the world that our children must face in order to succeed.

New Pacific Century
For APIS, the New Pacific Century is the term we use to describe the new emerging era. The New Pacific Century emphasizes, not only the growing significance of Asia, but also the relationship or interaction between East and West as the vital driving force behind the global economic, political, and social order.

Classrooms without walls
We believe the school of the New Pacific Century must be all about people and places. We are a small learning community by design - where every student is known, valued, and cared for. We harness the power of place to make learning engaging and authentic. APIS envisions classrooms without walls, where students experience the world around them, travelling across the globe and learning meaningful lessons from their communities.

Global network of schools
To leverage the power of place-based education, APIS has established a global network of schools under one educational philosophy: our East Asia school in Seoul, South Korea, and our school in the West, Hawaii, U.S. However, APIS Seoul and APIS Hawaii are two separate schools operating independently with a shared founding mission and educational philosophy that collaborates to provide global education opportunities for their students.

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