Student Care

APIS’ educational approach is grounded in the belief that every learner is unique and that within a nurturing community, student learning and passions can blossom. The APIS approach to personalized education includes individualized instruction as well as student voice and choice, and ultimately leads to students taking ownership of their learning experiences. At APIS, students are known and cared for. We have multiple tiers to support students - academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Individualized instruction

Individualized instruction is tailored to meet each student’s unique learning needs. Learning pace, teaching strategies, and technological tools are optimized to assure every student is successful in achieving their greatest potential. APIS’ small class sizes and caring community help to facilitate each student’s journey on their individual learning path. Teachers understand how a student learns best, and they actively engage, motivate, and inspire students to excel.

A spectrum of student choices

APIS offers a spectrum of student choices within classes and throughout course offerings, enable student voice in determining what, how, when, and where students learn. The opportunity for students to investigate and initiate their own learning leads to meaningful and relevant experiences. Does a student want to learn more about agriculture, marine biology, economics, marketing? APIS’ personalized educational approach empowers students to pursue their passions and dig deeper into topics of interest, ultimately spurring a sense of ownership in their lifelong learning journey.

Advisory Program

At APIS, everyone is known and cared for. Our middle and high school students are assigned into small groups with one teacher. Advisory groups are a way to connect students with each other and with an adult in our community. Advisors also serve as a connection between parents and the school. During weekly advisory meetings, students discuss multicultural topics, set goals, learn about their personalities, and develop stronger character skills. Lessons are developed from internationally-recognized programs like Wildwood, Stanford University, and University of California, Berkeley.