Extended Learning


Our Extended Learning Program provides a myriad of on and off-campus activities. The goals of the program are:

  • To provide authentic, hands-on opportunities to foster character, strengths, skills, and dispositions applicable to the New Pacific Century.
  • To challenge students to explore their own interests and expand their horizons in order to kindle a passion for lifelong learning.
  • To support mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional development and well-being.
  • To nurture the value of service and teamwork, building skills of effective collaboration.
  • To apply student-driven inquiry into important real-world issues and problems.
  • To promote happiness and fun as an important part of healthy living.
  • To appreciate, to connect with, and to learn from nature and the environment.

All of our activities are tailored to meet student needs and interests.

Recreational & Special Interest

Visual and Performing Arts

  • A Cappella
  • Lower Elementary Art
  • Chamber Orchestra Music
  • Upper Elementary Art
  • Individual Music Lessons
  • The Recording Arts Class  Soundcloud
  • Jazz Band
  • Music Ensemble
  • Korean Song Class and Storytelling

Science, Nature, & Environment

  • Elementary Lego Robotics
  • APIS Math Club
  • Mathematical Olympics
  • Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection
  • Emergency Life Support
  • Robotics
  • Nature Inquiry Club